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We have now gotten the confirmation for the trash truck handling our bulky trash. First date is February 21st, thereafter it will come every 4 weeks. All the dates as well as information about other recycling information can be found here:

The management of the queue for the garage has during december 2022 been transferred to Storholmen Förvaltning.

Storholmen will successively hand out parking spots to the ones who are already in queue, and thereby work off the existing queue. Forwards they will hand out parking spots according to the same queue principles as before.

You can use the existing queue formular to register for the queue, alternatively you can contact

The monthly fee will increase to 732 kr/sqm/yr from previously 636 kr/sqm/yr for tenant-owned apartments. The increase will take effect on 1st January 2023.

This corresponds with:
2 room apartment of 59 m2: +472 kr/month, and a new fee of 3 599 kr/month
3 room apartment of 67 m2: +536 kr/month, and a new fee of 4 087 kr/month
3 room apartment of 79 m2: +632 kr/month, and a new fee of 4 819 kr/month
4 room apartment of 89 m2: +712 kr/month, and a new fee of 5 429 kr/month

Due to rapidly increasing interest rates, inflation and rising prices, the expected future costs of the Housing Association are rising. Increasing the monthly fee is necessary to ensure the long-term sustainable economic development of the Association. This is currently the reality for many Housing Associations that are facing similar changes in costs.

Lessees (tenants renting their apartment) are not affected by the increase, as apartment rents are negotiated separately with the Tenants’ Association