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Renovations owned apartments

If you wish to renovate your apartment it is your responsibility as an apartment owner to do so in agreement with the housing association's renovation policy, as well as laws and regulations. For many renovations, you must request permission from the board before you begin renovation.

If you rent, please see the page Maintenance Rental Apartments

You can find the housing association renovation rules and a permission application here, document in Swedish: Renoveringspolicy och ansökan

How to apply
Before renovations in the apartment, the apartment owner must send in an application to property management (HSB). Application is to be done about four to six weeks before planned beging of renovation. Beyond the information on the application form, name and direct phone number to the on-site construction manager must be included. If no construction company has yet been hired, the application can later be updated with that information.

The application is to be given to the association's property manager HSB Stockholm, either by mail or directly at their office. See current contact information here

With the application the following certificates are to be attached

The work is not to be begun without written permission! 
The housing association has the right to demand that partial or complete work is removed and the apartment returned to its original form if damages or inconveniences appear due to the renovation.

If you are not certain what applies to your planned project, please contact our property manager HSB. Current contact information on the page Contacts

Painting and renovation of balcones
Due to the facade of our apartment buildings being cultural heritage protected, no visual changes can be done to them. This includes repainting the balconies. These are the color codes and instructions for use when repairing balconies, as provided by the building conservationist: Instruktioner Renovering Balkonger (document only in Swedish)