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Fixed crash guards are mounted in the garage roof and limit the vehicle height to a maximum of 1.90 metres.


We have the following number of spaces in our garages:

  • 9 mopeds / motorbikes
  • 330 regular seats (queue a few months)
  • approx. 72 cage places
  • 5 disabled places
  • 2 each cage place S, L and XL (place S is suitable for two motorbikes, one motorbike with sidecar, smaller trailer or similar, but too small for a normal passenger car)
  • In addition to this, there are 15 places permanently leased to Garageföreningen Lycktan

In the event of incorrect parking, you should contact Länsparkerings Bevakning, tel: 08-735 60 20.

Application, termination, invoice

We do not rent for less than six months, notice period is three months.

Place will be offered via email. If the offer is not answered within a week, the place can be offered to the next applicant.

Residents in BRF Kyrkbacken stand in the same internal queue as residents in BRF Hagalunden.

Apply for a place in the garage: use this form.

Change place in the garage: use the form.

-- Garage map Upper Garage -- Garage map Lower Garage--

Cancel garage space: contact Ekonomiförvaltning.

Questions about invoices and payment: contact Ekonomiförvaltning.

For follow-up questions, please contact

Procedures for key and key fob management:

Pick up or drop off the cage key: To the property manager at Expeditionen Hagalundsgatan 12.

ATTENTION! Pickup requires confirmed assigned place!

Residents in BRF Hagalunden who need access to the garage inserted on existing key fobs can contact Ekonomiförvaltning.

ATTENTION! Access requires a signed contract!

For other fault reports or other management matters regarding the garage, contact Fastighetsförvaltare (Property Manager).

Order rules

Updated 2020-06-16

  1. Speed limit 10 km/h.
  2. Max vehicle height 1.90 metres
  3. Idling prohibited.
  4. Smoking forbidden.
  5. Resting of dogs prohibited.
  6. It is not permitted to give outsiders and unauthorized persons access to the garage.
  7. For all garage tenants, the garage space may only be used for parking the intended vehicle. It is not permitted to park in a place other than in the designated box, for example so that it blocks the rest of the garage, nor to park several vehicles in a place intended for one vehicle.
  8. It is not permitted to use the garage space for the storage of materials, for example tires, fuel cans, spare parts, building materials or other things. If necessary, the association can offer storage for rent.
  9. Flammable liquids must not be stored in the garage, because the fire risk.
  10. Only emergency repairs and tire changes may be carried out in the garage. Oil changes and other maintenance are referred to another location, for example the do-it-yourself hall at a supermarket.
  11. Each site holder is responsible for keeping their site clean of rubbish and rubbish, and keeping their vehicle in a condition so that it does not risk contaminating passers-by with dust or dirt.
  12. The dustbin at the laundry hall is intended for small rubbish and not for bags of household rubbish.
  13. Each tenant has access to one washing session of a maximum of 60 min/week for the car wash. After washing, the hose must be rolled up. It is not permitted to wash the car in any other place in the garage than in the wash hall. It is not permitted to connect your own high-pressure washer or similar to the hose in the laundry hall or to pour environmentally hazardous substances or other inappropriate things into the drain.
  14. The garage is monitored by cameras. In the event of an incident, such as vandalism, burglary, infectious disease or similar incidents, the association can subsequently look at recorded material and hand it over to the police or other authorities for, for example, criminal investigation in accordance with the association's policy for camera surveillance.
  15. It is not permitted to make fixed installations in the garage on, for example, the electricity grid. Engine heaters or charging cables for electric cars may only be connected to sockets expressly intended for this and belonging to the parking lot.
  16. Anyone who does not follow the rules of order may have their seat dismissed.

Printable rules can be found on the policy page: Stadgar, policyer mm

Rules in English are available on the page for policies: BRF Regulations, policies and rules