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Rules of conduct

Updated 2020-06-16

  1. For general well-being and harmony among all residents we must be careful with and care for communal property.
  2. Between 10 pm and 6 am noise should be at a level which allows neighbors to sleep. Inform your neighbors if you are to hold a party.
  3. Disturbing renovations are only allowed between 8 am and 7 pm on weekdays and 11 am and 5 pm on weekends.
  4. It is prohibited to smoke in communal areas such as near the playground as well as in entrances, stairways, elevators, basements and garages.
  5. It is forbidden to throw cigarettes from balconies and windows.
  6. All communal areas, in particular hallways, entry passages and stairwells must be clear of personal belongings. These areas are escape routes and must be accessible for emergency personnel.
  7. Make sure that the doors in basements, stairwells, entrances and other communal areas are locked, and do not open the doors to people unknown to you.
  8. It is forbidden to throw, drop, or shake any objects, such as carpets, tablecloths and bedding from windows and balconies.
  9. Never leave trash/garbage/refuse in communal areas or the association's outside areas.
  10. To avoid pests, it is not permitted to leave food outside or feed birds within the association's outside areas or from balconies/windows.
  11. Clean and pick up if you spill or make a mess in communal areas, such as elevators or stairwells. Use water if necessary.
  12. Always clean the laundry room according to the rules and instructions when you are finished using it. (See Rules of the Laundry Rooms)
  13. Immediately report damages and defects on communal property to our property management.
  14. Repair damages and defects in your apartment or report them to our property management.
  15. If you encounter pest in your apartment report it immediately to our property management.
  16. Follow the rules of conduct for the garage. (See Rules of the Garage)
  17. It is forbidden to exercise pets in communal areas.
  18. Pets must be leashed within the association's outside areas.
  19. Barbequing is only allowed on the association's barbecue or on barbecues on stands. Disposable barbeques are not permitted within the area of the association. (See Barbeque grill rules)
  20. Barbequing on the balcony is not permitted, this includes all types of barbeques.
  21. Bicycles must be parked and stored in designated areas, i.e. bike racks or bicycle rooms.
  22. Parking on the association's outside areas is only allowed for loading and unloading bulky cargo (e.g. moving/deliveries).
  23. Waste products/packaging materials made by glass, metal, newspapers, carton etc. are to be left in the intended containers on Hagalundsgatan.
  24. Satellite dishes or aerials can be installed on the inside of the balcony after approved application with the property management and following the instructions in the association's Satellite regulations. (See Satellite dish policy)
  25. Flower boxes are only to be hung on the inside of the balcony.
  26. Ballgames are allowed in the designated fenced area on the inner courtyard.
  27. No fireworks are allowed within the association's outside areas. To use fireworks outside the association’s area, contact the municipality Solna Stad for guidelines and information.

Print version can be found on page for policies: BRF Regulations, policies and rules