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The monthly fee will increase to 732 kr/sqm/yr from previously 636 kr/sqm/yr for tenant-owned apartments. The increase will take effect on 1st January 2023.

This corresponds with:
2 room apartment of 59 m2: +472 kr/month, and a new fee of 3 599 kr/month
3 room apartment of 67 m2: +536 kr/month, and a new fee of 4 087 kr/month
3 room apartment of 79 m2: +632 kr/month, and a new fee of 4 819 kr/month
4 room apartment of 89 m2: +712 kr/month, and a new fee of 5 429 kr/month

Due to rapidly increasing interest rates, inflation and rising prices, the expected future costs of the Housing Association are rising. Increasing the monthly fee is necessary to ensure the long-term sustainable economic development of the Association. This is currently the reality for many Housing Associations that are facing similar changes in costs.

Lessees (tenants renting their apartment) are not affected by the increase, as apartment rents are negotiated separately with the Tenants’ Association

Bookings have now been confirmed regarding the trash trucks visit to us in 2022. First visit is Tuesday February 22:nd 18.00-20.00 and every fourth Tuesday following. Information regarding this is in the following document, as well as information regarding Mobile environmental recycling station, Mobile recycling station and Recycling station.

Our association's common space ('föreningslokalen') has been closed for booking during the pandemic period. Before it can be booked again, it needs to be refurbished and renovated. The association board will also create new booking routines, with the aim that everyone can have access to a nice and well-kept common space.

The goal is that our common space will once again open for booking shortly after the pandemic restrictions are withdrawn again. When it becomes available, information will be posted on the website and the electronic boards boards.

The association board is asking for suggestions as to how renting, upkeep and caretaking of the common space should work in the future. Do you have suggestions or recommendations, maybe good examples from other associations? Please send them by e-mail to and set the mail header to "Föreningslokalen".

In early September Com Hem will shut down the analogue TV system. You can however already move to Digital TV.

To help with the move Com Hem have a web page on the move in several languages (Svenska - English - العربية - Af soomaali - ትግርኛ - دری ).

Visit the web page now and check what you have to do to make sure you don't loose your TV channels on September 8th.