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It is getting colder outside and energy prices are expected to rise again. The association has implemented and continues to plan for measures to decrease energy consumption: adjustments, maintenance, and upgrades to our heating systems, sealing of valves, as well as replacing doors and windows.

But there are also some easy but effective measures that all residents can do to significantly improve the indoor climate conditions of their apartment:

  • Ventilate quickly through cross ventilation rather than having your windows open for a long time.
  • Do not place furniture in front of radiators, it will trap the heat.
  • Seal window frames and balcony door frames. You can easily replace window and door trims yourself to reduce the draft of cold air from outside. Some apartments still have original trims from the 1970’s.

We have now gotten the confirmation for the trash truck handling our bulky trash. First date is February 21st, thereafter it will come every 4 weeks. All the dates as well as information about other recycling information can be found here:

The management of the queue for the garage has during december 2022 been transferred to Storholmen Förvaltning.

Storholmen will successively hand out parking spots to the ones who are already in queue, and thereby work off the existing queue. Forwards they will hand out parking spots according to the same queue principles as before.

You can use the existing queue formular to register for the queue, alternatively you can contact