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Board members

The board of Brf Hagalunden consists of seven regular members and three alternate members. The board's task is to manage the common assets of the association, both financial and physical. The property manager takes care of issues related to our properties and adjacent lots, and the financial manager handles issues related to economic administration, housing registers, etc.

Board 2022-2023
- Ulrika Gullo, chair
- André Gustafsson, vice chair
- Magnus Persson, treasurer
- Sara Dreijer, secretary
- Simon Josefsson, member
- Rebecka Sahlin, member
- Biran Zhang, member

- Johan Gunnarson, alternate
- Bekir Gül, alternate
- Janis Sundin, alternate

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Auditors 2022-2023
- Anders Slättås, JA Revision KB, external auditor
- Johan Ankarklev, internal auditor

Election committee 2022-2023
- Anders Norrlid
- Peder Christerson