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Economic administration

Financial manager: Storholmen Förvaltning AB
Contact Storholmen regarding rent, fees, hypothecation/transfer, realtor information, and notices of termination. Contact via phone, or by reporting via the online reporting form on their website.

Phone: 08-520 252 00
Phone hours: Monday – Friday: 7 am – 9 pm
E-mail: info@storholmen.seÖppnas i ett nytt fönster
Online form: New Reports Storholmen DirektÖppnas i ett nytt fönster

Note! Invoices and mortgage deeds should be sent directly to the financial manager Storholmen:

BRF Hagalunden
c/o Storholmen Förvaltning 535
Box 560 12
102 17 Stockholm.
Invoices may also be sent to:

Storholmen website - up-to-date information (only in Swedish)